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Old Bones Chile con queso

Old Bones Chile con queso

Old Bones Chilli Co Chile Con Queso Taquito

You can't say "taquitos" without thinking of that famous Simpsons line ...

Taquitos are just one of the many dishes that can be paired with our OB Chile con queso. Whether its smothering your nachos, adding a twist to your pizza base, filling a pie or straight up dipping, this smooth smokey cheesy number is the answer to all your cheese sauce needs.
This recipes is versatile and adaptable... think of it as a BASE for you yo make you're own... but of course.. we think its best made with OB ;-)

OB Smoked Garlic Queso

1 large Spanish onion 

20g peeled garlic

2 jalapeños 

1 400g can of evaporated milk

CHEESE! as much or as little as you want, I tend to go with something sharp and that melts well... Vintage cheddar for the win

10g cornflour (optional)

Salt and pepper

2ml vegetable oil


Slice and Dice your veggies - dice your onion into small half cm pieces, for the garlic smashed with the back of a knife is fine (I like chunky garlic bit floating through my queso). The jalapeño, cut off the stem end and split down the middle, remove the seeds (or keep if your feeling freaky) and cut into half cm pieces like the onion.

Saute your veggies - get your oil nice and hot, just as you start to see whispers of smoke on the pan, throw them in and let them sizzle. You want see and HEAR them sizzle. Once they're soft and crispy add your evaporated milk.

Simmer - crank the heat and bring your milk to a boil, once its boiling knock down the heat and let it tick away.

Thicken - reduction time depends on how thick you want your sauce. The longer you reduce the thicker your queso, once you've reached your designed thickness take off the heat and add your cheese. Note the cheese will further thicken your sauce 

(Tip: if your queso is to thick, add some milk!)

Season - now the time to make it your own... add as much or as little OB as you want, stir it in and watch your queso transform into a smokey delight! (no more boring smoked paprika) Don't forget salt and pepper and always season AT THE END!

Stabilise - I recommend eater this recipe straight from the pot, however if you wish to do this ahead of time mix in a cornflour slurry (1spoon of cornflour to 2 spoons of water) to stop the queso form splitting



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